SlickEdit Pro

SlickEdit products are available in two license options.

Named User License
This option is ideal for individuals or development teams that need full use of the SlickEdit product for each individual and want the individual licenses tied to individual users. Software provided to you under this option may only be installed on any computer owned or controlled by you, but in no event shall the Software be (1) used by any person other than you and (2) used on more than one computer at the same time.

Concurrent User License
This option is ideal for development teams or sites that want to manage the number of developers using SlickEdit products but do not want to manage the individual, named users of the product. Software provided under this option may be installed on and processed by the Server computer located at a site indicated on the invoice, and may be installed on and simultaneously processed by the number of workstation and/or personal computers ("Concurrent Users") indicated on the invoice, which have electronic access to the Server computer located at any site indicated on the invoice and which are accessing the same data concurrently from more than one computer up to the predefined limit of concurrent licenses; a SlickEdit License Server is required. Client deployment is only limited by the number of users purchased.

What type of license would you like to purchase?