Is Your SlickEdit License Registered?
Yes, My License is Registered

Customers with Registered Products:
  1. Login to your SlickEdit Web Account
  2. Click the “Registered Products” link *
  3. Review and select the “Upgrade Option” for your license(s)
    • UPGRADE – select and process your Maintenance Upgrade
    • PURCHASE UPGRADE – select and buy the upgrade
  4. At the completion of the webstore checkout, you will receive instructions to complete your upgrade

If you do not see any Registered Products, select the "Register Another Product" button.
No or Not Sure

Customers without Registered Products or Unsure:
  1. You must register a product to receive product upgrades
  2. Go to
  3. Create a Account
  4. Click the “Registered Products” link
  5. Click the “Register Another Product” button.
  6. Submit your product serial number(s) for approval
  7. After your serial number registration has been approved, follow the “Customers with Registered Products” process

If you have any questions please contact SlickEdit Sales at or call