The following cumulative hot fix is available for SlickEdit 2022 (v27.0.1).  You can confirm the version by going to 'Help > About SlickEdit.'

Download the hotfix file to any convenient directory on your local machine.

Load the hotfix by going to 'Help > Product Updates > Load Hot Fix...'and navigating to the hot fix file on your local disk. SlickEdit will copy and load the files to your Configuration Directory.

NOTE: SlickEdit expects all hotfix files to be in .zip format, so extracting the contents of the file is not necessary.
Some browsers may extract the file without your knowledge.  Be sure you are loading the full .zip file

Please ensure you are installing this hotfix ONLY in SlickEdit v27.0.1 by checking 'Help > About SlickEdit'

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File size: 19,514 KB
Date: 23 FEB 2023


Changes in Revision #5

--se/ui/mainwindow.e cbrowser.e context.e debuggui.e tagrefs.e tagwin.e vc.e -- Fix crash switching layouts to debug mode when the editor is configured to allow the debugger breakpoints tool window to activate the preview tool window.
--seldisp.e -- Fix "View > Function Headings" for languages that do not have formal parsers.
--c.e codehelp.e stdcmds.e vera.e -- Add an undo step when splitting or extending line comments so that the you can just hit "undo" once to undo the line comment extension.
--compile.e -- Fix encoding problem that could cause custom project tools to fail to execute, with strange characters in the command line.
--vhdl.e -- Update VHDL color coding to support VHDL 2008 C-style block comments.
--svchistory.e -- Diff menu drop down on History Dialog does not always have items enabled that it should.
--se/vc/SVCLiveDiffManager.e svclivediff.e debug.e -- Be sure that live diff does not update while debugging. Showing deleted lines can conflict with showing disassemlbly.

Changes in Revision #4
--wkspace.e -- Fix for temporary hang when switch application focus back to SlickEdit when have large Visual Studio solution open.
--autocomplete.e -- Fix bug where Auto-Complete would come up automatically even though it had found exactly one exact match to the identifier under the cursor.
--annotations.e -- Fix bug in Code Annotations tool window where it does not list all (or any) options for which annotations file the new annotation should go into when you create a new code annotation.

Changes in Revision #3
--sysobjs.e -- Changed mini find status count information to be in normal text instead of disabled text which is less readable.
--wkspace.e -- Fix problem where project uses the wrong executable name when opening an existing Rust Cargo.toml, and corrects a problem with the Rust debugger setup for Windows.
--pythonopts.e -- Fix problem where we allow a leading or trailing space on the python executable path.
--projconv.e -- Fix problem where Java Live errors could incorrectly send project relative paths to the Java compiler.
--se/adapt/GenericAdaptiveFormattingScanner.e -- Fix for SmartPaste incorrectly indenting due to C++ Adaptive Formatting
--se/vc/GitClass.e svc.e svccomment.e svcupdate.e -- Be sure that when committing multiple files, Apply to all is enabled, and checked.
--files.e -- Fix to prevent auto-reload from causing SlickEdit to prompt when SlickEdit is not the active application.
--seldisp.e -- Fix so non-outline select display doesn't get cleared later due to outline timer kicking in.
--tbfilelist.e -- Fix so that document tabs file list form dismisses itself after you select a file to open.
--util.e -- Fix so that line number links for mouse-over popups for advanced block statement matching work correctly and scroll line into position. Fix goto-line so that it expands selective display if necessary.
--bhrepobrowser.e vc.e main.e sysobjs.e -- Fix so goto-bookmark doesn't cause Slick-C stack due to relocating bookmarks.
--bookmark.e -- Fix so goto-bookmark doesn't cause Slick-C stack due to relocating bookmarks.

Changes in Revision #2
--mfsearch.e bgsearch.e -- Fix so Replace in Files supports built-in excludes like
--pmatch.e -- Enable advance parenthesis matching and block matching for Java.
--tbfind.e -- Fix so the big find tool window closes when starting a replace.

Changes in Revision #1

--autocomplete.e compword.e tbclipbd.e -- Fix error looping over multiple cursors that would cause auto-complete to incorrectly insert word completions (complete-next / complete-prev) when using multiple cursors.
--tagfind.e -- Fix a couple problems using cursor up/down and enter to select and jump to an item in the list of results on the Find Symbol dialog.
--taghilite.e -- Clear previous symbol highlighting is before highlighting another symbol.
--tagwin.e -- Fix problem where Preview tool window would not hold on to previewed item coming from an undocked tool window.
--diff.e sysobjs.e -- Fix Slick-C stack when clicking "Diff these files" button for binary files. Also expose the size above which files are treated as binary on Version Control on property sheet "Compare with Workspace/Project/Directory version control".
--svcshelf.e -- Detect if no files are modified after a revert or commit and offer to close the, dialog Previously all files had to be checked.



NOTE: To load a hotfix on a multi-user installation of SlickEdit please see the "Automatically Installing Hot Fixes" section in the SlickEdit User Guide (slickedit_install_dir \docs\SlickEdit_User_Guide.pdf)