The following cumulative hot fix is available for SlickEdit 2022 (v27.0.2).  You can confirm the version by going to 'Help > About SlickEdit.'

Download the hotfix file to any convenient directory on your local machine.

Load the hotfix by going to 'Help > Product Updates > Load Hot Fix...'and navigating to the hot fix file on your local disk. SlickEdit will copy and load the files to your Configuration Directory.

NOTE: SlickEdit expects all hotfix files to be in .zip format, so extracting the contents of the file is not necessary.
Some browsers may extract the file without your knowledge.  Be sure you are loading the full .zip file

Please ensure you are installing this hotfix ONLY in SlickEdit v27.0.2 by checking 'Help > About SlickEdit'

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File size: 19131 KB
Date: 08-AUG-2023


Changes in Revision #11
--vicmode.e -- Fix for Ctrl+U/Ctrl+D in VI Visual/Selection mode
--pushtag.e -- Fix bug where symbol-info-help and other Context Tagging features would incorrectly report that it "could not evaluate type" for identity types.
--cjava.e -- Fix Java and C# Context Tagging bug where it would sometimes list package names in the current context rather than the nearest symbol under the cursor when you attempted to do a find-tag with no symbol directly under the cursor.

Changes in Revision #10
--debuggui.e -- Fix bug that made it impossible to change the value of a variable of enumerated type in the debugger.
--svclivediff.e -- Fix for bug that disables Live Diff's next and prev difference menu items.
--svcupdate.e -- Make revert message consistent between the revert button and prompting to revert files after creating a shelf.
--svcshelf.e svcupdate.e se/vc/GitClass.e -- Fix for bug that made it impossible to create shelves.

Changes in Revision #9
--gitrepobrower.e -- Do not populate the repository browser with information from the current directory if the current file is not from a repository.
--sysobjs.e -- Fix issue that clipped some of the controls on the diff half of the SVC Update dialog.
--svcupdate.e -- Fix issue that could cause buttons on the left side of the SVC Update (like Revert) to be clipped by the grab bar when they should be not.
--diffedit.e -- Fix bug that can change the Enter style in the entire editor if it was originally set to insert a line without splitting the current line, and the user presses enter in the DIFFzilla.
--setuplang.e -- Fix bug in Language > View settings which made impossible to turn off the "Show Lines" option.
--surround.e -- Fix "unsurround" command to correctly handle case where the last line(s) of the outer block to be removed is the last line of the file.

Changes in Revision #8
--vicmode.e -- Vim emulation fix so "cw" works exactly like vim and deletes the text immediately instead of temporarily showing the selected text which is about to get deleted. 

Changes in Revision #5
--commentformat.e -- Vim emulation fix so "ciw" works correctly for words at the end of a line.
--commentformat.e -- Fix special case where comment formatting would duplicate */ on the last line of the comment if there was additional text on that line.

Changes in Revision #4
c.e -- Fix for bad Go hotspot expansion for "if".
fileman.e files.e -- Many improvements to the 'q' command to match buffer names against wildcards more effeciently. Now you can simply run "q *.h" from the command to close all the ".h" files you currently have open.

Changes in Revision #3
No Build.

Changes in Revision #2
--commentformat.e -- Fix issue where splitting a documentation comment would leave an extra trailing space at the end of the original line.
--c.e -- Fix hang in C/C++ syntax indent when in non-syntactic source file.
--compile.e -- Execute for vcxproj Visual Studio project doesn't work if vcxproj has spaces in config expression (Qt build).
--autocomplete.e tbfilelist.e tbopen.e -- Add tweaks to slightly improve start-up performance of Files and Open tool window.
--codehelp.e debugpkg.e mouse.e taghilite.e tagrefs.e se/color/SymbolColorAnalyzer.e -- Add options to turn off mouse-over tooltips for References, Symbol Coloring, and highlighting of symbols matching the symbol under the cursor.
--treeview.e -- Fix problem where double-click would not register in specific tool windows with tree controls that supported drag and drop of symbols.
--svcupdate.e -- Add grab bar to Version Control > Compare with Git... dialog (Version Control Update Workspace/Project/Directory dialog) to make it possible to adjust the amount of space devoted to the history panel when expanded.
--svcupdate.e -- Resolve symbolic links in Version Control > Compare with Git... dialog (Version Control Update Workspace/Project/Directory dialog) to prevent getting "scattered" folders on non-Windows systems.
-tbcmds.e tbfilelist.e -- Added tweak to improve performance of list-buffers command / Files tool window.
--diffedit.e stdprocs.e svcupdate.e sysobjs.e -- Improve default sizing behavior of Version Control > Compare with Git... dialog (Version Control Update Workspace/Project/Directory dialog).
--diffedit.e svcupdate.e sysobjs.e -- Swap "Prev File" and "Next File" buttons on Version Control > Compare with Git... dialog (Version Control Update Workspace/Project/Directory dialog) to make them consistent with "Next Diff" and "Prev Diff".
--svclivediff.e -- Fix issue that would cause Live Diff to be off when it should have have been.
--tagfind.e -- Fix bug in Find Symbol tool window where substring matching would produce excessive and incorrect results when "Look In:" was set to .
--autocomplete.e -- Added more tweaks to prevent auto-complete from coming up when the symbol typed under the cursor only has one unique completion.
--annotations.e -- Fixed bug where dragging a Code Annotation with the mouse would cause the annotation bitmap to disappear. Also fix initialization order problem when loading annotations.
--tagfind.e -- Fix bug in Find Symbol tool window where when the list of matches was refreshed, it would not consistently select the correct (top) item unless it was tracking a previously selected item in the list and sometimes cursor-down would not move the cursor to the first item in the list.
--keybindings.e -- Fix Add key binding form to correctly handle number pad.

Changes in Revision #1
No Build.



NOTE: To load a hotfix on a multi-user installation of SlickEdit please see the "Automatically Installing Hot Fixes" section in the SlickEdit User Guide (slickedit_install_dir \docs\SlickEdit_User_Guide.pdf)