The following cumulative hot fix is available for SlickEdit 2014 (v19.0.2.5). The cumulative hotfix contains all of the most up-to-date macro fixes for SlickEdit v19.0.2.5. You can confirm the version by going to Help > About SlickEdit.

Download the hot fix file to any convenient directory on your local machine.
Load the hot fix by going to Help > Product Updates > Load Hot Fix... and navigating to the hotfix file on your local disk. SlickEdit will copy and load the files to your Configuration Directory, and there is no need to extract the files.

NOTE: SlickEdit expects all hot fix files to be in .zip format, so extracting the contents of the file is not necessary.

File name:
File size: 1,833 KB
Revision: 12
Date: 2 November 2015

Latest updates:

• debugpkg.e -- Fix bug where symbol mouse-over would be very slow for symbols with many matches, and did not honor strict case-sensitivity options.

Previous updates:

• main.e -- Fix issues with color setting for Line Prefix Area not sticking.
• ccontext.e -- Fix bug where context tagging would not find a non-static member function when it was referred to using ClassName::functionName.
• tbfind.e -- Fix Find/List all occurrences not listing correctly within tool windows.
• codehelp.e codehelputil.e context.e SymbolColorAnalyzer.e tagwin.e -- Add file size check too avoid delays when navigating to a symbol from a very large source file, ie, greater than 1M.
• autocomplete.e -- Fix problem where embedded language mode would be lost when editing JavaScript embedded in HTML and auto-complete is terminated early because the user typed in the exact symbol.
• tags.e -- Fix bug removing duplicate import and #include symbols from the list of symbols to choose from when navigating to the symbol under the cursor.
• restore.e -- Fix issue where opening the editor by double-clicking a workspace in Explorer was losing user-created toolbars.
• lua.e -- Fixed problem with lua editing where lines or words would disappear when you hit the space bar and the "Use Syntax Expansion on space" setting was turned off.
• bgsearch.e mfsearch.e -- Workaround issue with Find in Files and Color search options with Plain Text or modes with no lexers assigned.
• box.e -- Fixed bug where comment-erase re-indents Python code incorrectly.
• cbrowser.e codehelputil.e tags.e -- Fixes bug where "Go to definition" would not do anything if there user selected to filter out non-matching function prototypes and nothing matched. Fixes bug where "Override method" would not correctly generate the method prototypes and stub implementations.
• cbrowser.e -- Fix Stack when attempting to display a symbol in the Symbols tool window when the Symbols tool window was not already visible.
• clipbd.e -- Fixed a problem that could leave the cursor in the wrong place after a paste when "Beautify on paste" is enabled.
• clipbd.e -- If the user hits Ctrl+C in the process buffer and SlickEdit is are debugging, simply suspend the debugger rather than sending the Ctrl+C through directly, which would stop the vsdebugio process.
• debug.e -- Fix for Java debugging so that it can locate JDK source files in
• debugpkg.e codehelp.e -- Fix bug where symbol mouse-over would not display comments for a static class member variable.
• files.e -- Fixes bug where select-buffer creates a new buffer when the user is trying to switch to a buffer whose file has spaces in the pathname.
• html.e -- Fixed problem where SlickEdit would mistakenly try to load JSP taglibs from the network when no local copy exists.
• html.e mouse.e -- Fix SlickEdit help navigation to correctly navigate to the correct anchor within the requested HTML page when the user requests help on Mac OSX. Add commands for extending multiple cursors above and below the curret line. Fix "What is Key..." command to show the help page.
• javascript.e refactorgui.e -- Minor improvement for completion of Java symbols in JavaScript code. Fix Slick-C stack in refactoring review GUI.
• se/color/SymbolColorConfig.e -- Fix issues renaming and saving symbol coloring schemes.
• tags.e -- Fix bug where "Go to definition" would not jump to the prototype of a function if invoked from the function definition (and vice-versa for "Go to declaration").
• tagform.e -- Fix for handling source paths with spaces when creating a new tag file.
• tagfind.e -- Add option (def_find_symbol_orientation) to force Find Symbol tool window to use either vertical or horizontal orientation.
• tags.e -- Fixes to force SlickEdit to better honor the option to prefer symbol navigation to select a symbol from the current project when possible.
• treeview.e -- Fix problems restoring column settings in Breakpoints tool window.

NOTE: To load a hot fix on a multi-user installation of SlickEdit please see the "Automatically Installing Hot Fixes" section in the SlickEdit User Guide (slickedit_install_dir\docs\SlickEdit_User_Guide.pdf)