The following cumulative hotfix is available for SlickEdit 2021 (v26.0.1). The cumulative hotfix contains all of the most up-to-date macro fixes for SlickEdit v26.0.1. You can confirm the Version Information by going to Help > About SlickEdit.

Download the hotfix file to a temp (or any) directory on your local machine. Load the hotfix by going to Help > Product Updates > Load Hot Fix and navigate to the hotfix file on your local disk. SlickEdit will copy and load the files to your Configuration Directory and there is no need to extract the files. NOTE: SlickEdit expects all hotfix files to be in .zip format, and extracting the contents of the file is not necessary.

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Date: 13 APR 2022

Changes in Revision #8
projconv.e -- Fix code to select the "Latest Version" for macOS clang compiler versions. 
csymbols.e -- Add support for C++11 extension where an enumerated type name can be used with a nested name specififer (::). 
autocomplete.e -- Fix regression which caused the replace preview popup text to disappear when doing an interactive find and replace. 
toolbar.e qtoolbar.e -- Fix toolbar menu code so that the menu shown when right-clicking on a disabled icon includes option to edit "Properties..." for that icon. 
svcupdate.e -- Fix an issue in Compare Directory/Project/Workspace with Version Control that would allow incorrect combinations of checked files to have buttons enabled. 
bookmark.e -- Fix bug where workspace-specific bookmarks could carry over to the next workspace that you opened if that workspace did not already have bookmarks. 
diff.e svc.e -- Fix stack if you click on "Diff current file with most recent version" button or the "Diff current symbol with most recent version" button on the version control toolbar twice. 
autocomplete.e -- Fix bug where Auto-Complete would insert completions which were not selected if you turn off the options to Show Categories and History. Fix bug where Tab completion to insert longest prefix match would not select the item inserted. Fix bug where Auto-Complete matches would include items where were not prefix matches when typing in a comment. 
diff.e diffedit.e -- Fix issue toggling between Source Diff and Line Diff in two different instances of diff. 
calc.e -- Do not show special characters the calculator (Tools>Calculator) if have special characters is turned on for Plain Text mode. 
csymbols.e -- Tweak to try to improve handling of template functions when trying to compute the return type of a function with explicit template arguments. 
Changes in Revision #7

svcupdate.e -- Fix Slick-C stack that most often occured closing the update while a diff was going.
tags.e -- Fix bug which made it impossible to navigate to a C++ using type alias if there was another symbol in the same file with the same symbol name.
box.e stdprocs.e -- Fix problem where erase-comment could fail to process all of the lines in the selection when "Beautify line when reindenting" was enabled.
files.e -- Fix so auto reload reloads files where only the encoding changed.
projutil.e -- The vsbuild dependency database (project.vpb) should be flagged as a binary file extension so that it is included in the default list of file exclusions.
codehelp.e autocomplete.e -- Fix bug where function parameter mouse-over help for an overloaded function would go away after you clicked on one of the arrows to switch to a different prototype of the function. Also fix a bug where function argument help, when listing compatible parameters would not refresh when you changed overloaded function prototypes.
diff.e historydiff.e -- Use constants Source Diff/Line Diff button captions.
diff.e diffedit.e diffsetup.e -- vsdiff executable can miss Source Diff where it would work from SlickEdit.
ppedit.e -- Fix bugs defining or importing #define's with empty argument lists.
diffmf.e files.e pmatch.e taghilight.e tbhighlgiht.e se/color/SymbolColorAnalyzer.e -- Make sure that positional keyword coloring is reset when a buffer is modified or reloaded. Add _buffer_before_reload_* callback to indicate a buffer is being reloaded so that features can clean up stream markers before the contents of the file changes.
tbclass.e -- Fix bad message from Class tool window when attempting to navigate to a derived class of a class which had no derived classes.
tags.e -- Fix bug where the Preview window and mouse-over information would indicate the evaluated return type of a variable was "void*" even though the variable had a concrete type.
general fix -- Fix for Tab indenting the selection in Markdown

Changes in Revision #6
diffmf.e -- Fix issue in multi-file diff that will only diff individual files as read-only.
diffmf.e -- Fix issue in multi-file diff copying a missing file would cause the newly copied file's icon to appear modified.
diffmf.e -- Fix issue in multi-file diff deleting the a file and not having the icon change.
general fix -- Fix so \< escapes embedded HTMl in Markdown color coding

Changes in Revision #5
os2cmds.e -- Fix so build shell (secsh) will start if the SlickEdit install directory has spaces.
savecfg.e -- Be sure that .vpwhist files are not backed up when they are written.
se/options/OptionsXMLParser.e -- Fix for searching options. Could miss some settings
makefile.e projutil.e wkspace.e -- Fix for Visual Studio .dsw workspace support. Fix for Project tool window menu items.

Changes in Revision #4

svcupdate.e -- Fix issue that kept Compare Directory/Project/Workspace with Version Control from letting you add unknown directories.
diff.e -- Fix wrapping issue in the Compare Directory/Project/Workspace with Version Control dialog when the diff is expanded.
diffedit.e sysobjs.e -- Fix placement of controls in DIFFzilla when "Put buttons at top of diff dialog" option is on.
autocomplete.e codehelp.e julia.e msqbas.e -- Fix bug in Visual Basic context tagging where list-symbols would not always restrict the items found to the evaluated type of the prefix expression. Change the algorithm for "Find completions which fix minor typos" to only kick in when the identifier prefix is two or more characters in length.
general fix -- Fix for PowerShell indenting problem due keyword not being a keyword in certain situations.
svc.e svcpushpull.e svcswitch.e se/vc/GitClass.e -- Fix problems with Git Checkout, Push to repository, and Pull from repository if the current directory is in a state where there is no current branch.
svc.e -- Fix problems with checkout if the current file is from a different repository or clone. Also fix problems using the version control toolbar checkout button in Git.
diff.e -- Fix a case where Compare Directory/Project/Workspace with Version Control GUI could prompt to map an extension to a language when it should not.
se/vc/GitClass.e -- Fix an issue that can cause the Directory/Project/Workspace with Version Control GUI to be very slow to come up.
svc.e -- If there is a file open from a different repository than the current directory, use that as the directory to push to when using Push to Repository from Git.
python.e rte.e -- Fix problems that could prevent Live Errors from running Pylint then the profile was set to "Auto Detect".
mfdiff.e -- Fix a problem that would make the multi-file diff compare the wrong files if you double click a file in the right hand tree.
svc.e se/color/SymbolColorAnalyzer.e -- Disable Symbol Coloring for buffers created using Version Control Annotate/blame.
mouse.e -- The minimap tool tip should use the same color profile as the minimap.
tbfind.e -- Fix so big find options which always operate on the entire file disable Wrap and other options which don't apply.
csymbols.e debugpkg.e -- Fix problems evaluating type involving dynamic_cast<>() expression in C++.
Changes in Revision #3

svcpushpull.e debug.e -- Fixes problem where debugger could fail to start after the dialog for automatically updating breakpoints comes up.
setupext.e -- When a new file extension is added for a language using "[Language] > General > Edit these extensions...", we need to update all open files with the that extension to the new language mode to make it take effect.
main.e updateobjs.e -- Fix updateobjs.e macro to fix old user-defined toolbar forms which had p_Nofstates set incorrectly for toolbar icons.
ccontext.e -- Fix bug where push-tag to a symbol with a qualified class scope would also find instances of the symbol in derived classes.
stdcmds.e -- Fix for undo past save message displayed erroneously displayed after Ctrl+Z in text box or combo box
diffedit.e -- Fix Slick-C stack when right clicking in the History Diff.

Changes in Revision #2
docsearch.e -- Fix so mini find replace shows number of replaces for case sensitive replace
codehelp.e -- Fix for playing back a vim keyboard macro (like .) where auto complete causes inconsistent problems.
diffedit.e svcupdate.e -- When the Compare with Version Control dialog is expanded so that the currently selected file can be viewed in the diff, move to the next file correctly.
se/search/SearchResults.e -- Added support for unlimited line length search output. (Maximum search result output=0)
autocomplete.e -- Improve handling of Ctrl+Space in Auto-complete to handle things differently depending on the global key binding for Ctrl+Space.
svc.e -- Fix caption when prompting a directory to push from Git when SlickEdit does not have workspace or file open, and the current directory is not in a Git repository.
svc.e se/vc/GitClass.e -- Fix bug that would make Git Push To Repository fail if SlickEdit's current directory isn't under a Git repository.
se/vc/SVN.e -- Remove debug from SVN.e
Changes in Revision #1
stdcmds.e -- Tab key option "Indent by syntax indent" should always indent by syntax indent for a blank line
tagform.e -- Fix Slick-C stack building tag file after changes for Defect #17321.
cfcthelp.e -- Fix display of mouse-over information for #define's
autocomplete.e -- Fix bug handling Auto-complete "Completion choice" option to "Insert current completion in file".
reflow.e -- Added reflow_paragraphs_in_selection command which reflows multiple blank line delimited paragraphs in a selection.
c.e ps1.e -- Powershell smart indenting fix for array elements which are not separated with commas.

NB: To load a hot fix on a multi-user installation of SlickEdit please see the "Automatically Installing Hot Fixes" section in the SlickEdit User Guide (slickedit_install_dir\docs\SlickEdit_User_Guide.pdf)