The following cumulative hotfix is available for SlickEdit 2020 (v25.0.1). The cumulative hotfix contains all of the most up-to-date macro fixes for SlickEdit v25.0.1. You can confirm the Version Information by going to Help > About SlickEdit.

Download the hotfix file to a temp (or any) directory on your local machine. Load the hotfix by going to Help > Product Updates > Load Hot Fix and navigate to the hotfix file on your local disk. SlickEdit will copy and load the files to your Configuration Directory and there is no need to extract the files. NOTE: SlickEdit expects all hotfix files to be in .zip format, and extracting the contents of the file is not necessary.

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Revision: 6
Date: 30 MAR 2021

Changes in Revision #6

slickc.e -- "Auto case keyword" should not auto case preprocessing keywords.
general fix -- Fix so Markdown can color code multi-word embedded langauges like "Bourne Shell"
svchistory.e -- Fix issue that caused the items in Version column of the History dialog box to be doubled.
csymbols.e python.e -- Fix Python context tagging to be more accurate when listing members of a class or namespace.

Changes in Revision #5

files.e -- Fix so File>Export to HTML... works on macOS
cua.e mouse.e -- Fix for "Arrow keys traverse selection" option.
wkspace.e -- Fix for Slick-C stack which can occur openning Visual Studio solution due to dependencies.
context.e sysobjs.e tagform.e -- Fix several issues with the Add Tag File dialog used by the Tag Files dialog.
files.e eclipse.e -- Performance fix for auto-reloading a file with very long lines when softwrap is on

Changes in Revision #4

stdcmds.e --Fix for nosplit_insert_line working correctly on --- Top of File --- line.
os2cmds.e --Fix for Slick-C stack when starting Interactive shell due to missing Ctrl+; key binding.
se/search/SearchResults.e --Fix for Slick-C stack which can occur Replace in Files with "List current context" turned on for languages with _proc_search tagging like Shell scripts.
se/vc/GitClass.e --Make Git stash pop give notification about conflicts created by pop.
svcpushpull.e --Fix Slick-C stack when performing Pull to repository for Git.
ccontext.e --Fix bug where our handling of C++11 user-defined string literals got in the way of handling old-style string concatenation of a string and a #define'd symbol.
addons.e svc.e svcpushpull.e svcstash.e svcswitch.e sysobjs.e se/vc/CVSClass.e se/vc/GitClass.e se/vc/Hg.e se/vc/IVersionControl.e se/vc/Perforce.e se/vc/SVN.e --Add "checkout", "stash", and "stash pop" to Git support.
gradle.e --Fix bug where Gradle sub-projects not directly under the root project would not be picked up as separate projects.
gradle.e --Fix bug that could cause a "Can not find project" error when importing a gradle project with newer versions of Gradle.
gradle.e --Fix bug that requires a Gradle Home to be set when importing an existing Gradle project that has a wrapper script.
gitrepobrowser.e svc.e se/vc/GitClass.e --Be sure branch and path are calculated correctly for push and pull.
autosave.e --Shouldn't have to wait for the line number to be determined for huge files that use active code page.
tags.e --Add logic to functions for selecting which function definition or declaration to attempt to find references to to kick out function prototypes with no return type in C/C++ code.

Changes in Revision #2

alias.e --Fix truncation of the first line of alias expansions for aliases that call macros.
bookmark.e --Sort Bookmarks tool window by Line before sorting it by File.
autocomplete.e --Fix bug where Auto-complete of a break statement would insert an extra space if you typed a semicolon.
cbrowser.e tagwin.e tbfilelist.e --Fix Slick-C stack in Preview tool window when clicking in Files or Symbols tool window with no files open. Fix bug where Project and Workspace tabs of Files tool window would not work with Preview tool window correctly.
jrefactor.e --Fix bug where Import > Go to #import does not push a bookmark if it adds a new import statement.
error.e --Improved message line display of multi-line error messages
annotations.e --Fix Slick-C stack in Annotations tool window.
tagwin.e --Fix numerous bugs that caused the Preview tool window to jump when scrolling within it. Fix bug handing preview of symbols in unnamed files.
objc.e --Add color coding support for Objective-C string literals, arrays, and dictionarys.
argument.e stdcmds.e stdprocs.e --Fix bug where multi-cursor end line would not deselect.
sysobjs.e --Fix spelling error on color coding options form.
context.e --Fix bug where the notification about background tagging could be posted and never cleared, even though there are no background tagging jobs active.
setupext.e sysobjs.e tags.e --Fix bug where Go to Definition (push-tag) would not find instances where a virtual function was overridden in derived classes. Add option to disable this behavior (enabled by default).
options.xml --Rename "C/C++ Parsing Options" category to "C/C++ Advanced Options" to reflect that there are more than just parsing options there.
se/ui/mainwindow.e --Fix for Slick-C stack which can occur when starting debugging
autocomplete.e objc.e cjava.e --Fix bug in code completion for Objective-C selectors.

Changes in Revision #1

codehelp.e --Fix potential infinite recursion bug extracting comments from source.
stdcmds.e --Fix so Brief emulation prev word always works on Utf-8 characters.
jrefactor.e cjava.e --Fix bug where auto-import would incorrectly generate an import for a nested type found in a class in the default package.
tags.e --Fix bug where find-tag's file not found message is clipped.
c.e --Add C/C++ Preprocessing #define's configuration for WxWidgets GUI library.
svc.e --Fix issue with Edit/Lock (different systems use different names) from Version Control context menu from the Proejcts tool window.
css.e --Fix hang in Less/CSS context tagging.
prg.e --Fix typo in color coding spec for dBASE.
cidexpr.e commentformat.e compword.e savecfg.e --Fix hang in begin-line-text-toggle() when using multiple curors.
stdcmds.e --Fix performance issue in end-line-text-toggle() for long lines.
moveline.e --move-lines-up/move-lines-down commands should take and use a smartpaste option
stdcmds.e --Fix for Edit>Fill...(gui_fill_selection) not working on Windows.
files.e setupext.e tagwin.e --Fix so that reloading a file with a different encoding forces buffer to be retagged. Also fix very minor resizing issue in Preview tool window.
ptoolbar.e --Fix so project tool window doesn't try to display a context menu when no project is open
mprompt.e --Fix so List installed fixes dialog doesn't truncate the HTML control which displays the hot fixes
refactorgui.e --Fix issue where the first pair of files would sometimes not fill in.
diffmf.e --Fix Hide in multi-file diff.
guicd.e project.e ptoolbar.e --Improve default directory and wildcards for Add Tree dialog. The Add Tree dialog should default to the current directory and not the last directory specified. The first time you use the Add Tree dialog for a project, the wildcards should default to the first entry in the wildcard combo box list. The first item in the combo box list is either the last item specified by the user or the first Files of Type entry.
defaults.e main.e makefile.e projmake.e stdcmds.e vstudiosln.e --Add C++20 ".ixx" and ".cppm" extensions to list of file extensions for C/C++.
c.e --Add new C++20 keywords to color coding and syntax expansion logic.
debuggui.e debugpkg.e --Fix bug where on first-launch of GDB debugging on Linux/Unix, we would default to the version of GDB bundled with SlickEdit rather than preferring the system's version that is installed in /usr/bin/gdb or /usr/local/bin/gdb.
surround.e --In blocks of line comments, when cut-line prompts to delete the current line or the entire block, it should not enable Unsurround, because that does not make sense for line comments.
aliasedt.e sysobjs.e --Add %\j and %\j+ to alias escape sequence menu for documentation comments. Fix sizing of button for alias escape sequence menu.
html.e tags.e --Fix auto-list members for < in XMLDoc comments.

NB: To load a hot fix on a multi-user installation of SlickEdit please see the "Automatically Installing Hot Fixes" section in the SlickEdit User Guide (slickedit_install_dir\docs\SlickEdit_User_Guide.pdf)