SlickEdit Community Forum
The SlickEdit Community Forum is a great way to interact with other SlickEdit users. Everyone from seasoned to trial users are welcome to ask questions and seek advice. No Support and Maintenance Agreement is required to use the SlickEdit Community Forum. Come check it out!

Bugs and programming go hand-in-hand, and we know this. In between minor releases (ie: v14.0.0 -> v14.0.1), the SlickEdit Development Team is hard at work implementing new features, but they are also able to fix many defects in the currently shipped version via SlickEdit Hotfixes. Hotfixes are in .zip format and do not need to be extracted before installing. Visit the SlickEdit Hotfix page for more information. Trial users will need to run the command 'load-hotfix' from the SlickEdit command line in order to apply the hotfix. The SlickEdit command line can be activated by pressing Esc in most emulations.

SlickEdit contains an extensive User Guide and Help system, available in the product by selecting Help > Contents or by pressing F1 on most screens. Many issues can be addressed by reading the appropriate section of the manual. A comprehensive search capability and index are also provided to help you find the right section. Documentation is available online at Documentation Page.

SlickEdit macros are a great way to further customize SlickEdit to meet your needs. Please visit the Slick-C Macro Programming thread on our Community Forums for assistance. Additional Slick-C help can be found in the SlickCMacroBestPractices.pdf file located in the SlickEdit_Install\docs directory. Also take a look at the SlickEdit User Macros section where you may find existing macros that you can download, load, and use! Please note that these macros are created by other SlickEdit users like yourself, and are not supported by SlickEdit.

SlickEdit Support
Create a SlickEdit Support Case giving detailed information including any reproducible sample files and screenshots. Please inform SlickEdit Support if you have posted on the Community Forum as well as sent in a support inquiry regarding the same issue.